Sunday, August 24, 2014

Awareness: Dis-ease or Wellness

It's one thing to identify that you have a dis-order or dis-ease.  But you don't HAVE to become the dis-ease, it's NOT who you are or what makes you, YOU!  The dis-ease can however, consume your thoughts, feelings/emotions, bank account, relationships, time, and future! We are programmed and made to believe that medications are the key to MANAGING your dis-ease. Organizations are created and dedicated to "research and treatment" of your dis-ease(s).  Specialized foods are also manufactured to aid in "MANAGING" your dis-ease.  There are trendy colors and symbols created for each dis-ease which give it more meaning and making it "OFFICIAL".  A specific time frame such as a week or month is dedicated to the awareness or prevention of your dis-ease, creating a love/hate correlation. Specialized diagnostic and clinical tests and procedures are now available to "help" further diagnose, and identify your next course of treatment all for your DIS-EASE!

All the emphasis is placed on the illness.  Where is the emphasis or awareness of how to prevent, or reverse this dis-ease?  Again conditioning comes into play.  We are told to eat and drink these processed food-stuffs packaged as "low-fat", "no sugar added", "natural", "organic", etc..  This is extremely misleading (and whole other topic).  If you were able to reverse your dis-orders and dis-eases without your doctors, specialists, medications and specific health organizations, what would happen to them all?  Be aware of what you support and place so much time and energy to.  This message is to bring awareness to where you place your energies!  Go back to the's that simple!  Let's put our bodies at EASE!

Have you ever heard of a RAW food regimen?  Have you ever considered a RAW food regimen?  For more information on how to change or transition into a natural wellness lifestyle join the Facebook Group 40 Day Fruit Fast.  We start on September 1st...join us!

Until next time,

I bid you better love, health, and clear vision!


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