Monday, December 26, 2011


Greetings All!

I am so very excited to finally start my blog!  I've come to terms with doing things that I want to do imperfectly and simply improve with practice and new knowledge as it becomes available to me.  Many times fear of the unknown can hold us back from new or different experiences, causing people to prolong or avoid things they may want to try or start.  What's not a big deal to one person, can be another person's biggest fear!  With all that being said I will move on to the whole purpose of creating this blog!

I am very passionate about sharing and providing others with healthy tips and information to make their bodies and minds better by way of natural health, wellness and nutrition.  Many consider me to be an aficionado, advocate, and enthusiast in the arena of health, wellness and nutrition covering the following but not limited to: natural and alternative health and therapies; natural hair; natural beauty and hygiene; mental, spiritual and emotional health; healthful and whole foods; self-awareness; healthful lifestyle practices such as diet and exercise...and I'll end the list there!  

Creating this blog is also part of  my decision to commit to consistent life improvement practices.  Over the years I've implemented certain healthy habits only to fall off the wagon later; still advising and informing others of healthful information and ultimately not practicing what I preached!  It is my belief that self-awareness techniques and practices and adopting more healthy habits will allow me to be accountable as I embark on this journey of  positive changes and improvements.  I am most happy when I am healthy and helping other to become more healthy and reach their full potential.  Each day we get a chance to do better!!!  

Change is always necessary weather we want them or not, weather we are ready or NOT! We all have the ability to make decisions and choices and it's up to each one of us to exercise them.  Changes can be planned and sometimes spontaneous, however the forced changes can be life threatening and unpleasant.  Therefore we should take control now while we have the authority and opportunity to make conscious decisions for ourselves.  Whatever changes you decide to make, be sure you are doing it for yourself and not for others.  In order to obtain genuine long lasting results of changes,  you must first have the inner desire to do so!  Always remember, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Until next time,

I bid you better health and vision!