Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Help!....I have dandruff

Miko wrote:
Hey Latrice, I have been having dandruff issue every since I can remember and I have been using sooooo many products for my dandruff and nothing have been working. I believe I might need to take something internal because I am thinking I'm lacking something in my diet, So I was wondering if u can suggest anything that's natural that can help my dandruff?
Thanks for your question Miko!
Dandruff is an indication of nutrient deficiencies in the body and inflammation in the scalp area as a result of an overloaded liver.  Eating foods that are mucous forming can contribute to dandruff and other skin related issues.  Changing and improving your diet can positively improve body functions resulting in a healthier scalp as well as other health benefits.  Herbal supplements and detoxing help the body to function better lessening disorders and malfunctions! Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day keeps your body hydrated and helps circulation of all liquids flowing throughout the body and assist in transporting toxins out of the body.

Foods to avoid or use sparingly as they are mucous forming:

  • Meat/animal proteins - including turkey, chicken and fish
  • Dairy - milk, yogurt, cheeses, creams, butter, ice cream and whey
  • Gluten grains - wheat, barley, spelt

Here are some foods that you can include in your diet or increase if you already consume them on a regular basis for a healthier scalp.
Healthy Scalp Foods:

  • Carrots - great source of vitamin A promoting good vision and a healthy scalp
  • Dark Green Vegetables - provides iron and calcium and are a great source of vitamins A and C, all needed for our bodies to produce sebum, the oily substance secreted by hair follicles; sort of a natural hair conditioner.  A few vegetables are Swiss chard, arugula, spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce and kale.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - dark green vegetables need some dietary fat in order for the body to absorb some vitamins they contain.  Drizzle EVOO over raw or steamed vegetables and/or enjoy them with a salad dressing whose first ingredient is olive oil, such as Newman's Own Olive Oil Dressing.
  • Brazil Nuts - contains one of the highest natural sources of selenium, an important mineral for a healthy scalp.  Brazil nuts can be eaten along with walnuts, almonds, cashews and pecans for a healthy snack packed with zinc, alpha-liolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids that help condition your hair.
  • Salmon - contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, filled with vitamin B-12 and iron; make sure it's wild caught salmon!
  • Ground Flaxseed - plant based omega-3 fatty acids; at least 2 tablespoons daily.

An herbal detox can help remove waste matter from the liver, providing potent herbs formulated to strengthen the liver making it more efficient at detoxifying our bodies.  I suggest the Liver Detox, a 30-day program taken along with FiberSMART (contains flax fiber) from ReNew Life, a natural health company that specializes in natural digestive health, detoxification and internal cleansing.  I first experienced ReNew Life a few years ago and have been in love with their digestive formulas ever since!

Last but not least, shampoo and conditioner from Aubrey Organics a natural hair, skin and body care company that produces natural, plant-based and synthetic-free products.  Try J.A. Y. Desert Herb Revitalizing Shampoo (Jojoba, Aloe, Yucca) and Jojoba & Aloe Desert Herb Revitalizing Conditioner, as part of your daily or weekly shampoo and conditioner regimen.  I discovered Aubrey Organics a few years ago when I was growing my relaxer out to transition to natural hair!  It kept my hair and scalp shiny and healthy!

Hopefully you will find the information in this post to be helpful!  Best wishes on your journey towards a healthy scalp!  Always remember THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Until next time,
I bid you better health and clear vision.


  1. Hey, even though I don't suffer with dandruff, those sound like some good remedies.

    1. Thanks Cat, even if you don't suffer with dandruff adding the foods that are mentioned above can help you add vital nutrients that contribute to enhanced health benefits!!!!

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